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Caminemos con María and the Worship with Bravery Ensemble

Community Engagement Projects

In 2023, Yuri Rodriguez and the Worship with Bravery Ensemble will be visiting different congregations around the United States to bring workshops of Bilingual music, work on building repertoir, musical and liturgical practices to meet your community's needs. Contact us at if you would like our Ensemble to come work with your Diocese, your church, or your schools.


Work with Non-hispanic, and bilingual choirs

We prepare a customized repertoire of songs, hymns, chant, and other genres to expose Hispanic, and Non-Hispanic choirs to Worship with Bravery, non-traditional repertoire that includes bilingual music, and other works found mostly within the Episcopal Tradition.

What to expect:

- Spend time singing in different languages and genres of church music adquate to the level of musicianship of your choir.

- Conversations about liturgical practices withing Latinx/Hispanic ministries and inculturation.

- Work with instrumentalists from the Worship with Bravery Ensemble, and involvement of other volunteer musicians from your church.

- If desired, we will bring your English and Spanish choirs together to sing and learn in community.

Talleres para Coros Hispanos

Trabajamos con coros Hispanos ofreciendo un espacio seguro donde los y las cantantes voluntarios podrán:

- Aprender técnicas de respiración y de canto

- Aprender sobre la inculturación de la música sagrada Latinoamericana en la Iglesia Episcopal

- Conversar sobre importantes temas litúrgicos que deben guiar la adoración y el canto en la Iglesia

- Trabajar con cantantes e instrumentistas del ensemble Worship with Bravery y los músicos voluntarios de su parroquia

- Conversar sobre el liderazgo y manejo del ministerio de la música dentro de la Iglesia Episcopal


Evangelism the "Caminemos con María" concert

We celebrate the lives of Latinas and Hispanic women in our communities and invite everyone to see the good news in the stories of hope, faith, struggle and resurrection. We have prepared a concert program curated for Bilingual, English or Spanish congregations. 

When you bring our ensemble to do a concert, we will offer a FREE workshop with your volunteer and/or professional choirs.

Contact us at

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